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Keyboard Shortcuts For iOS 7 Apps

The list is a work in progress and will be regularly updated. Apps will be listed in alphabetical order with links to their website, full documentation (if any), and iTunes page. If you know of any iOS app that supports keyboard shortcuts, please let me know.

The following shortcuts will work with external Bluetooth keyboards supported by Apple devices. In the list, I won’t include basic keyboard shortcuts already supported by iOS, such as ⌘C for Copy or ⌥⌫ to Delete a word. A list of these system shortcuts can be found here and here.


  • ⇧ – Shift
  • ⌃ – Control
  • ⌥ – Option
  • ⌘ – Command
  • ⇥ – Tab
  • ↵ – Return
  • → – Right Arrow
  • ← – Left Arrow
  • ↑ – Up Arrow
  • ↓ – Down Arrow
  • ␣ – Space
  • ESC – Escape
  • ⌫ – Delete

Keyboard Recommendation

My personal recommendation for an external keyboard goes to the Logitech Tablet Keyboard. I’ve been using it for two years now, and I’ve never switched to any other keyboard when writing on my iPad. You can read my original review here. The Logitech keyboard is lightweight, durable, and it’s got special keys for the Home button and Spotlight, both of which work on iOS 7.

The Logitech Tablet Keyboard is currently $49.99 on Amazon.




Command Shortcut
New Document ⌘N
Bold ⌘B
Italic ⌘I
Heading ⌘H
Insert Link ⌘L



Command Shortcut
New Tab ⌘T
Show All Tabs ⌘-
Select Address Field ⌘L
Toggle Help Mode ⌘H
Toggle Zoom ⌘+
Single Screen Mode ⌘M
Refresh Page ⌘R
Toggle Help Mode ESC
Scroll To Top/Bottom/Sides ⇧→←↑↓
Scroll One Screen Height Down
Go Back ⌘←
Go Forward ⌘→
Close Alerts



Text Editing View

Command Shortcut
Bold ⌘B
Italic ⌘I
Toggle List Items ⌘L
Increase Quote Level ⌘’
Decrease Quote Level ⌥⌘’
Increase Heading Level ⌘+
Decrease Heading Level ⌘-
Insert Image ⌥⌘I
Insert Link ⌘K
Toggle Text Editing ⌘E
Toggle Text Counters ⇧⌘K
Show/Hide Markdown Preview ⌥⌘P
Open Tools Menu ⌘T
Show/Hide Document Browser ⌘O
Close Document ⌘W

Documents View

Command Shortcut
Find Document ⌘F
New Document ⌘N
New Folder ⇧⌘N



Command Shortcut
Run Project ⌘R
Search Project ⌘F
Show Documentation ⌘D
Close Project ⌘W
New Class ⌘N
New Blank File ⌘B
Comment Line ⌘-
Indent Code ⌘O
Backwards Indent Code ⌘I
Previous Tab ⇧⌘O
Next Tab ⇧⌘I

Day One

$4.99WebsiteFull Documentation

Command Shortcut
New Entry ⌘N
Toggle Entry Edit Mode ⌘↵
Previous/Next Item In A List ↑ or ↓



Command Shortcut
New Draft ⌘N
Markdown Bold ⌘B
Markdown Emphasis ⌘I
Markdown Header ⌘H
Markdown Link ⌘L

Fiery Feeds

$3.99, iPhone - $3.99, iPadWebsiteDocumentation

Account List (iPhone)

Command Shortcut
Select First Account 1
Select Second Account 2
Select Third Account 3
Select Fourth Account 4
Select Fifth Account 5
Refresh All R

Main List

Command Shortcut
Show All A
Show Unread U
Show Saved S
Refresh Account R
Full Refresh Account F
Open First Element
Back (iPhone) ESC

Item List (iPhone)

Command Shortcut
Mark All Read ⇧M
Close List B
Open First Article

Article View

Command Shortcut
Previous Article K
Next Article J
Toggle Starred S
Open In Browser V
Toggle Read M
Share Item T
Close Article ESC
Mark All Read (iPad) ⇧M

Browser View

Command Shortcut
Go To Next Page
Go To Previous Page
Refresh Page R
Toggle Mobilizer M
Share Page T
Close Browser ESC

GV Connect


Command Shortcut
Save Note ⌘S
Send SMS ⇧⌘D
Cancel Note/SMS ESC



Command Shortcut
Search Web ⌘F
Search Within Page ⇧⌘F
Select Address Bar ⌘L
List All Links In Page ⇧⌘L
Reload ⌘R
Scroll Up
Scroll Down
Scroll Up
Scroll Down ⇧␣
Scroll To Top ⌘↑
Scroll To Bottom ⌘↓
Tab List ⇧⌘T
Create New Tab ⌘T
Close Current Tab ⌘W
Switch To Next Tab
Switch To Previous Tab ⇧⇥
Switch To Next Tab ⌘←
Switch To Previous Tab ⌘→
Go Back
Go Forward ⇧⌫
Go Back ESC
Go Forward ⇧ESC
Increase Font Size ⌘+
Decrease Font Size ⌘-
Reset Font Size ⌘=
Action Menu ⌘A
Fullscreen Mode ⌘#
Save Page In Downloads ⌘S
Print Page ⌘P
Modules ⌘M
Downloads ⌘D
Homepage ⌘H
Quickstarter ⌘Q
Add Page To Quickstarter ⇧⌘Q
Bookmarks ⌘B
Add Page To Bookmarks ⇧⌘B
Create QR Code Of Page ⌘Y
Scan QR Code ⇧⌘Y
Reading List ⌘J
Add Page To Reading List ⇧⌘J
Read Now (Readability) ⌘K
Settings ⌘,


$9.99WebsiteFull Documentation

Node Creation

Command Shortcut
New Child Node
New Subnode
Create New Main Node ⌥↵
Delete (Nodes and Connections)

Node Selection

Command Shortcut
Move Selection One Node In Arrow Direction →,←,↑,↓
Cycle Through Main Nodes ⌥→
Cycle Through Main Nodes In Reverse Directions ⌥←

Node Movement

Command Shortcut
Exchange Position With Upper Node ⇧⌘↑
Exchange Position With Lower Node ⇧⌘↓
Toggle Smart Layout ⌘/
Detach Node ⌥⌘D
Create Cross Connection ⌥⌘L

Branch Folding

Command Shortcut
Toggle Branch Folding ⌥⌘→ or ←

Node Editing

Command Shortcut
Switch Into Editing Mode ⌘↵
New Child Node ↵x3
New Subnode ␣x3


Command Shortcut
Toggle Inspector ⌥⌘I
Show First-Fourth Inspector Tab ⌘1–4
Cycle Through Inspector UI ⌃⇥
Reverse Cycle Through Inspector UI ⇧⌃⇥


Command Shortcut
Pan Around Canvas ⌘→←↑↓
Zoom In ⌘<
Zoom Out ⌘>



Command Shortcut
Add New Note ⌘N
Search ⌘F
Save and Close Current Note ⌘↵
Close Settings/Cancel Search ESC


$29.99WebsiteFull Documentation


Command Shortcut
Bold ⌘B
Italic ⌘I
Underline ⌘U
Copy Style ⌥⌘C
Paste Style ⌥⌘P
Clear Custom Style ⌃⌘⌫
Increase Font Size ⌘+
Decrease Font Size ⌘-
Toggle First…Tenth Named Style ⌃1…0
Split Row At Cursor ⌃↵
Insert Line Break ⌥↵
Toggle Editing Current Row ⌘↵


Command Shortcut
Move Row Up ⌃⌘↑
Move Row Down ⌃⌘↓
Move Row Left ⌃⌘←
Move Row Right ⌃⌘→
Indent Row ⇥ or ⌘]
Outdent Row ⇧⇥or ⌘[
Add Row|↵
Add Row Above|⇧↵
Add Child|⇧⌘]
Add Aunt ⇧⌘[
Group ⌥⌘L
Ungroup ⌥⌘R
Duplicate ⌘D
Toggle Editing Note ⌘’
Select All ⌘A
Deselect All ⇧⌘A
Back Delete
Forward Delete fn⌫
Move To Next Cell


Command Shortcut
Expand All Rows ⌃⌘9
Collapse All Rows ⌃⌘0
Expand Selected Rows ⌘9
Collapse Selected Rows ⌘0
Expand Selected Rows Completely ⌥⌘9
Collapse Selected Rows Completely ⌥⌘0

View (with a row selected)

Command Shortcut
Scroll To First Row ⌘↑
Scroll To Last Row ⌘↓
Move Selected Row Up u
Move Selected Row Down d
Move Left l
Move Right r
Edit Row e
Toggle Status
Group ⇧G
Ungroup ⇧U
Select Row Above
Select Row Below
Expand Selected Row(s)
Collapse Selected Row(s)
Add Row Above To Selection ⇧↑
Add Row Below To Selection ⇧↓


Command Shortcut
Find ⌘F
Select Previous Match
Select Next Match
Select All Matches ⌘A



Command Shortcut
Digits 1–9 and A-F
Plus +
Minus -
Times *
Divide /
Modulo ⌥/
Equals ↵or =
Decimal . or ,
Exponent E
Clear C or Clear
Clear All ⇧C
Clear Calculation ⌥C
Sign S
Delete Digit
Degrees/Radians Y
Bitwise And &
Bitwise Or Vertical Bar
Bitwise Not N
Bitwise Xor X
Minimise M
Memory Plus H
Memory Minus J
Memory In K
Memory Recall L
Swap With Memory ~
Swap With Y (Grave accent i.e. backtick)
Power ^
Inverse Power ⌥V
Percentage %
Inverse \
Pi P
Square @
Square Root # or $
Factorial !
Increment >
Decrement <
Open Parentheses (
Close Parentheses )
Enter (RPN) ↵or =
Drop (RPN) D
Clear Stack (RPN) ⇧D
Swap (RPN) W
Roll Down (RPN) Q
Roll Up (RPN) ⇧Q
Show Tape T
Show Registers/Stack I


$1.99 - Website

Command Shortcut
New Draft ⌘N
Markdown Bold ⌘B
Markdown Emphasis ⌘I


$9.99 - Website - Documentation


Command Shortcut
Add New Bookmark ⌘N

Bookmark List

Command Shortcut
Set Focus To Search Bar /
Move Down J
Move Up K
Open Selected Bookmark ⌘O
Edit Selected Bookmark ⌘E
Toggle Compressed / Uncompressed Bookmarks ⌥⌘C

Add / Edit Bookmark Screen

Command Shortcut
Set Focus To Title Field ⌘1
Set Focus To Description ⌘2
Set Focus To Tag Field ⌘3
Toggle Private / Public ⌘4
Toggle Read / Unread ⌘5
Save ⌘S
Cancel ESC

Tag / Description Editing Screens

Command Shortcut
Move Back To Bookmark Edit Screen ESC


$6.99WebsiteFull Documentation

Command Shortcut
Run ⌘R
Switch Between Editor And Interactive Prompt ⌘␣
Toggle Search ⌘F
Clear Console Output ⌘K

SmartGo Kifu

$19.99WebsiteFull documentation

Command Shortcut
Previous or Next Move → or ←
Previous or Next Sibiling ↑ or ↓
Previous or Next Branch ⌘→ or ←
Back To Main Line ⌘↑
Start Of Game ⌃←
End Of Current Line ⌃→
End Of Main Line ⌃⌘→
Turn On/Off Auto-Play
Switch Between Replaying Moves And Editing Comment ESC



Command Shortcut
Create New File/Folder ⌘N
Toggle Find/Replace ⌘F
Close Current File ⌘W
Toggle Preview ⌥⌘P
Toggle File Properties Popover ⌥⌘I
Toggle Symbol List Popover ⌥⌘T
Upload Current File ⌥⌘↑
Download Current File ⌥⌘↓
Toggle Italics (Markdown and HTML files ) ⌘I
Toggle Bold (Markdown and HTML files ) ⌘B
Toggle Underline (HTML files) ⌘U



Command Shortcut
Increase/Decrease Font Size ⌘+/-
Create New Snippet/Group/Note ⌘N
Done/Share ⌘↵
Cancel ESC
Toggle Notes/Groups ⌘T
Navigate ↑/↓



Command Shortcut
Show Transforms ⌘T
Share Workspace ⌘S
New (Clear) ⌘N
Show Settings ⌘,

Trunk Notes

$3.99WebsiteFull Documentation

Command Shortcut
Bold ⌘B
Italic ⌘I
Link ⌘L
Strikethrough ⌘T
Save ⌘S
Heading ⌘1
Bulleted List ⌘2
Numbered List ⌘3


FreeWebsiteFull Documentation

Command Shortcut
Move Forward Through Posts J
Reverse Move Through Posts K
Like Current Post L
See Post Notes N
Fast Reblog Post ⌥R
Compose New Post ⌥C



Command Shortcut
Save File ⌘S
Increase Font Size ⌘+
Decrease Font Size ⌘-

Writer Pro

$19.99WebsiteFull Documentation

Command Shortcut
Toggle Syntax Control ⌘D
Cycle Through Syntax Control Options ⇧⌘D
Reverse Cycle Through Syntax Control Options ⌥⇧⌘D